Review Rebate Rules

Review your product via the Review Rebate email for a refund of $15 off the total MSRP. Products with an MSRP of $45 are eligible for a rebate of $15.

This offer cannot be combined with other discounts. To use your discount on a future purchase, you may contact our customer support team at Provide your order number to receive a one-time $15 discount code that can be used on a future purchase.

Orders that utilized a 20% off discount (or other discount) at checkout and apply for the $15 off review rebate discount will receive the greatest possible discount, bringing the product price no lower than $30. These users are also eligible to receive the discount code for a future purchase as mentioned above.

How to Redeem

Step 1 Purchase Your Product at regular price (or at a discounted price).
Step 2 Shortly after your product is received, you will be sent a review email: Submit your review via the form.
Step 3 Receive your rebate from a member of our team.

Note: If you have already received a % off your order, you will be sent a discount code for $15 off a future order (one time use) valid for you, a family member, or a friend.
*Minimum product price with discounts is: $30

About the Review Rebate Program

At NCT we want to be sure that everybody has access to No Contact Thermometers at a reasonable price. This program is for our customers who don’t apply for the first responder discount, so we can provide an option for everyone.

You will be charged full price at time of purchase, shortly after you receive your product you will be sent an email with a review form. Once you submit that form, it is sent to and reviewed by our team who will issue your rebate automatically. Rebates are applicable for up to $15 and can be combined with other discount codes to an amount not exceeding $15.

If you used a $15 off discount on your original purchase, you will be sent a $15 off discount code that can be used toward a future purchase.